December 9, 2016

I’ve been at the gym every day for 3 weeks and here is what I have noticed.

my bicep curls were at 20 lbs (with a barbell)

my bicep curls were at 20 lbs (with a barbell)

I woke up three weeks ago, on a Monday, from a nap and went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I hated everything I saw. I had been drinking the night before, to make matters worse, and I just wanted to rip the body fat from my skin.

I’m a trans male, so I have the anatomy of a female with the physical appearance of a man, thanks to testosterone. My t levels have been bad, partially because of my body fat being too high.


Enough was enough. I wanted to change. I dragged my bike down the stairs of my apartment, a feat in and of itself, and rode to the gym with hardly a plan. Sitting outside, I looked up a basic weight routine, and got to work.

I can’t say I’m ripped in three weeks. We all know that doesn’t happen. But I can say three weeks is enough to make you notice changes within and throughout your body and mind. I noticed on rest days, I had to do something physical in week two, so I’d go on bike rides to book stores miles away, or geocaching. I noticed my forearms, already overworked from my job as a barista and aspiring bartender, were gaining shape for the first time in years.

Today, I realized the weight I could handle was going up. When I started, my bicep curls were at 20 lbs (with a barbell), but now they were at 30. My deadlifts went from 95 lbs to 115 lbs.

My shoulders have shape to them. I am changing in to the person I’ve always dreamed of. Masculine. With presence.
I walk straighter. I talk with confidence.

3 weeks isnt long, but it’s long enough to know if fitness is a goal you should strive for. If you’re looking for motivation to try something new, give it three weeks. You won’t turn back.

I was always told habits are made or broken in 3 weeks. Congratulations on making a new habit and breaking old ones. Let me tell you that this habit is one that you’ll want to keep up with forever. I’m really proud of you.

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